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Makeup for a Pagan Beach Elopement in Wales.

In the heart of nature's embrace, where the rhythmic symphony of waves meets the ancient dance of the elements, lies the perfect canvas for a sacred union—the beach. For those who find solace in the natural world and draw inspiration from pagan traditions, a beach elopement becomes a magical celebration infused with the essence of the land, sea and sky. Choosing the Sacred Shore:

The journey begins with selecting a beach that resonates with the spiritual energy of the couple. Wales has some of the most gorgeous coastlines in the country, and Aberdyfi has the perfect combination of rolling dunes and a wide open expanse of pristine beach. Which is exactly what we wanted as this would set the tone for the entire ceremony.

Elemental Decorations:

To honour the elements, the beach serves as the backdrop for a carefully curated array of decorations. Seashells, symbols of water, intertwine with driftwood (which had luckily been arranged for us already) a representation of earth. Pumpkins, used as a representation, embodying the transformative power of fire, while the air carries the scent of seaweed and salt. Together, they form an altar that connects the couple to the natural world.

Attire that Speaks to the Soul:

Dressed in flowing gowns, earthy fabrics and colours to represent the season, the couple becomes part of the landscape. Crowns adorned with the triple moon and symbolic jewellery create an ethereal, pagan-inspired look. The clothes become a reflection of their connection to the elements and the divine.

The Ritual Circle:

As the couple stands on the beach, they cast a circle, inviting the elements to witness their union. Perhaps a sage smudging or the sprinkling of salt signifies the purification of the sacred space. The circle becomes a boundary between the mundane and the mystical. Where vows are exchanged in the presence of this liminal space between land and sea.

Embracing the Unknown:

As the sun sets, casting a warm glow over the beach, the couple embarks on a journey into the unknown, hand in hand. With the elements as witnesses, they step into a future shaped by the magic of their pagan beach elopement.


In the tapestry of love and nature, a pagan beach elopement becomes a sacred ceremony, weaving together the threads of earthly elements and spiritual connection. It's a celebration that goes beyond tradition, embracing the wild beauty of the world and the eternal dance of the elements. May the whispers of the ocean and the rustle of the leaves guide the path of those who choose to embark on this enchanting journey.


Concept & MUA @franklybeautifulmua

Photographers @dearestlovephotography

Crowns @scarlettandwolfeheadwear

Dresses @rebelrockbridalwear_

Flowers @wildeposies

Models @zoeatrope and @jimbo.taylor



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