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Myth, Magic and Makeup

I have always had a special place in my heart for all things magical and mystical.

As a practicing Pagan, nature is forever at the forefront of all my workings, and I could think of nothing more special than a series about the Goddesses, Gods and Ancient ones of our land. Showing and honouring them in the best way I know, through makeup.

And as I live and work in Wales, which is home to most of those that I shall be talking about,

There will be more in this series, but let us begin with just a few.

Elen of the Ways -

Her name is Elen of the Ways.

Follow her path in the tracks of the deer as they walk the sacred routes.

Or the rivers flowing along ancient channels, bringing energy throughout the land.

Here she walks, her antlers guiding the way, foliage entwined in her hair as she flows and winds across the sacred earth.

She connects us to the energies of the land. Reminding us that we are as one with nature.

The Morrigan -

The Morrigan is the Goddess of death and war.

She is all powerful and frightening, but she is also life and we must welcome and acknowledge her.

She is often shown as the triple Goddess; Maiden, Mother and Crone. Signifying our stages of life and all of their importance.

Morrigan is ever present as the crow. When you see her, shout 'Hail Morrigan' into the wind, as you are in the presence of the Great Goddess.

She is with us as the leaves die and winter takes hold, reminding us that in nature death is necessary for re-birth to happen.

Do not fear her, for one day we shall all embrace her!

Bran the Blessed -

Bran the Blessed. King of the island of the Mighty.

Bran (Raven) was a giant king of Wales, who waded over the Irish Sea to save his imprisoned sister Branwen (White Raven) from her husband, the king of Ireland.

A mighty king, he lay his body across a river so his army could cross.

Alas, he was wounded with a poisoned dart.

He gave instructions for his head to be taken back home, there to be buried looking out to the sea, waiting for when we next need him.

A God of war, he is closely linked with The Morrigan, and is seen as a bridge between the two worlds (linking back to the bridge for his army).

Photo Credits:

Concept & Mua @franklybeautifulmua

Photographers @dearestlovephotography

Crowns @scarlettandwolfeheadwear

Dresses @rebelrockbridalwear_

Flowers @wildeposies

Models @zoe.a.trope @jimbo.taylor


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