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We're a Finalist!

We’re a Finalist!

As some of you may be aware, Frankly Beautiful has recently reached the finals of the Matrimony Awards, for Best Makeup Artist in Worcestershire.

This blog is to say how immensely grateful and proud I am.

I started Frankly Beautiful two years ago. Along with a huge amount of help from my husband, who also has his own business, and some very generous friends (including a PR Consultant and Web Designer) we started to grow.

For the first year I was still working part time in my regular job. But as time went on and an awful lot of hard work, I reached the fantastic point where I could leave that job (that I’d had for the past 17 years) and focus all my attention on what we lovingly refer to as Frankly B.

There is no easy way to start and grow a business, it’s all sheer hard work and determination. But thanks to all my lovely clients, it has started to pay off.

I have met some wonderful people, travelled to absolutely stunning locations and made some great friends. No truer words were spoken when someone said ‘it’s not a job if you’re doing what you love’.

I want to thank everyone who voted for me. To be nominated was a big compliment. To reach the finals is an amazing feeling.

You really are all, quite frankly, beautiful!

Francesca xx

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