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Choosing the right makeup artist for a wild Welsh Elopement

So you've decided on the location, the stunning mountains of beautiful Mid Wales. With it's dramatic scenery, crystal like lakes and centuries full of folklore, it's the perfect backdrop for your big day.

The photographer, celebrant and venue are all booked, and now to you turn your mind to makeup.

But how do you go about finding someone who suits the aesthetic of your day?

The first port of call is of course the internet, and that is where these blogs become so important. They are purely advertisements for our businesses, and help us reach out to our ideal clients.

Nature is at the core of my beliefs and working with and amongst it is very close to my heart.

The changing of the seasons can dictate changes in our skincare routines, the colours we wear, the amount of makeup we use, the different styles we wish to try. It can also mean a change to how we physically feel. For example in the autumn and winter months we slow down and turn more inwards to ourselves, whereas in the spring and summer the energy is higher and we are physically more active.

To have someone around you who can not only recognise this, but can also ebb and flow with these changes is so important, especially with something as personal as makeup.

I understand that this is something most people can do themselves, and always feel honoured when someone entrusts me with creating your perfect look.

When you start your journey with me the first bridge we cross is who you are as a person. What do you like/dislike, what's your style, the style you want for the day. Is there anything makeup wise that you always wear/is personal to you that you wish to incorporate into the look. For example, I always wear a red lip and on my wedding day I opted for a pink which now when I look back, isn't me at all.

We'll then link into the colours of the day, what you have chosen for your flowers, the wedding party etc. But also that suit you and your skin tone. The landscape and vibe of the day is also taken into consideration when creating the perfect look.

Should you wish, we can cleanse yourself and the space, whilst calling in the energies of the land, and of the area you have chosen, to walk with you.

As with your place of ceremony, the words you've written along with the help of your celebrant, your outfit and songs you've chosen for the evening, your makeup is an expression of yourself. Don't feel you need to have a certain look or follow the 'trends' that the industry are constantly throwing at us.

Never be afraid to be you! And should you need guidance along the way, I'm only too happy to help.




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