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The Power of the Trial

"Do I really need a trial?" is a question I get asked quite frequently.

The short answer is yes!

Now, don't get me wrong, I've done weddings without trials that have gone without a hitch. Sometimes brides come from afar for their big day, bridesmaids don't always live in the same area/county/country as everyone else, or it's a last minute booking with no time for one. Life can get in the way and that's fine, we can deal with it.

But, I will always push how important it is to have a trial if possible.

For the skin

Everyone's skin is unique and will react differently to each product. Most of the time I will try two different foundations, one on each side, to see how they sit.

Foundations need time to settle into your skin, so by the end of your trial we'll know which is best for you.

For the Eyes

Most clients turn up with an idea in their head and an image on their phone of what look they'd like.

This is great as it gives me an insight into what you're expecting. However, I can't stress this enough, images off Pinterest or from magazines have been highly edited, and not all looks will suit everyone's face. I will not be copying them, but using them more as a reference, whilst adapting them to best suit you.

I always say we have two eyes for a reason... to try different looks!

A trial allows us to have a play and find the winning combination.

For the Lips

We all know that no lipstick will last all day without needing a slight touch-up, especially on your Wedding Day. I mean, it's a day for kissing and being kissed.

I always give my brides who have had a trial a touch-up kit to take with them, which also has a little pot with some of their chosen lipstick in. That way you can keep your look fresh throughout the whole day.

I will also let you know the brand and name, so you can always have your Wedding lipstick for any occasion.

Trials also allow you to get to know me and vice versa.

They really do help to keep timings down on the day, as I know exactly what's going on who. If it's a big wedding party, then a trial is a must as it means your Big Day goes as smoothly as possible. But its main job is to give you confidence in me and to calm any nerves you may have regarding makeup.

They really are worthwhile!


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