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Top 5 Wedding Morning Tips From a Mid Wales Makeup Artist.

With 20 years in the makeup industry and 8 in my own wedding makeup business, I like to think I know a little bit about preparing for your wedding morning.

Having done a few Big Days I've seen it all, from hungover bridesmaids, people turning up with a full face of makeup already (just to have it removed), with times listed and everyone given a job, to absolutely no plans at all. Every wedding is different because every person is different, however, I have a few tips that we can all do to make the morning run that little bit smoother.

These will be skincare and makeup tips, mixed with some general handy hints that cover the whole morning.

So let's jump straight into it with the one that most people don't like hearing.

Tip #1 - Don't drink too much the night before!

Sorry for this one, but your skin will thank me!

Alcohol is a diuretic, which means you lose water (through lots of trips to the loo) and this causes swelling, quite often around the eyes.

It also dehydrates your skin, which can cause your makeup to look patchy and dry.

So sensible drinking the night before is fine, but don't take it to excess.

Tip #2 - Get Yourself Booked in for a Trial.

Now I've done a lot of weddings where trials haven't been possible, and that's ok. However, if it is possible then do it! They are so important as they not only help to keep timings down of the day, but they also mean that you are happy and confident with your artist and the looks that they are creating.

I always state to my brides that if there's a large party of you having makeup done, book in as many of you as possible to have trials. The more I know what to expect on the day, the less time I'll need to prepare and consult with them on the morning.

Tip #3 - Great Makeup Starts with Great Skincare!

I'm going to be honest, your makeup is going to look shit if you don't have that skincare routine nailed down!

Makeup is not a miracle cure for dull, dry, oily, uneven, patchy looking skin. This is where skincare is king.

if you don't have a routine and are unsure when to start don't worry, I'll help you start one But this needs to be done WELL in advance of your trial, let alone the big day!

Also, don't smoke. it prematurely ages you, gives you very deep irreversible lines and makes you skin look dull and grey.

Tip #4 - Put all your Wedding Accessories Together for your Photographer.

This is a nice easy one.

Shoes, jewellery, perfume, veil, dress and anything your photographer is going to want to capture on the morning, keep them all together in a tidy area of the room so they can be easily found and you're not having to run around searching for everything.

Tip #5 - Delegate!

You've done all the hard work in the run up and now it's your turn to relax and enjoy being pampered on this very special day.

Give out all the tasks the night before, tell everyone they are not to burden you on the morning, put your phone on silent and give it to someone else.

I've had so many brides get stressed out on the morning because people are expecting them to solve problems or mum wants them to see Great Aunty Nell, who you haven't seen since you were 8.

Ban all distractions and enjoy your wedding morning.

And there you have it.

There are more i could say, don't come with makeup on, do your normal skincare routine in the morning, don't use any new products the week before your wedding, but I always send my brides these and more when they book me.

For more tips, advice and to see my work, follow me on Instagram @franklybeautifulmua, Facebook @franklybeautifulUK and TikTok @Franklybeautiful.


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