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Pixiwoo Present Hollywood Icons Review

In case you didn’t know (where have you been?), Sam and Nic Chapman from Pixiwoo have just released their first DVD, ‘Pixiwoo Presents Hollywood Icons’ (insert girly scream here)!

As someone who loves classic Hollywood and the silver screen this was a must.

And I wasn’t disappointed.

Like most of you makeup junkies, I’ve been an avid fan and follower of Pixiwoo for many years. Not only are their tutorials on YouTube full of tips, tricks and easy-to-follow looks, their vlogs about work and day to day life are so down to earth and honest that you can’t help but feel like you’ve known them personally for years.

And all this comes across in the DVD.

Nothing is lost or changed from their personalities. It’s still them, but with an amazing soundtrack!

Deep down (and from watching the trailer) I knew it was going to be fantastic, but I wasn’t prepared for all the emotions I went through whilst watching it. The empowerment, love for what they do and fun that exudes from these two ladies is what makes Pixiwoo what it is!

From Clara Bow to Marilyn, we see how makeup looks and trends changed and adapted over the years. They also give us super easy tutorials so we can recreate how these beautiful women stunned the audiences with their, sometimes quite different, makeup styles.

Did I forget to mention that you also get a free exclusive edition Blush Brush!

So, in summary, if you like makeup, Hollywood, Vintage, having a laugh and pure unadulterated glamour this is the DVD for you!

Frankly Beautiful x

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